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Wine bottle opener originated from where?

The history of the first source of the corkscrew
Wine bottle opener is the implication of the identity and location of people, good people think, the price of the wine bottle opener in a great level of brand is very well-known brands will be sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, while the low-end opener is only worth a few cents. The corkscrew Belong British, and his testimonies, Italian, Chinese, etc.; appreciate the type of effects by applicable two types.
The birth of the wine bottle opener, from what it used cork storage of such a fresh way.
Preferences drinking red wine in the bottle opener before the birth of a very long day, Frenchman, mortal only two ways to turn who was cork stopper tightly the bottle. The first approach is to cork stabbed in the bottle; Another approach is the application of the tool is moving rapidly broke the bottleneck of the bottle. Clear that the two approaches are unlucky in red wine again sealed. Continue to the end of the 19th century, Raj Oro, a small town located in the south of France, was specifically created to open a bottle of red wine cork opener, this is the first generation tool bottle opener. Beautiful open a bottle of red wine has become an essential skill for a lot of people like the wine bottle opener achievements must be treasured by their foregone conclusion.
Followed by the launching of the times, the scientific and technological content of the wine bottle opener, and modern modern bottle opener and more applicability and selection of metal and composition. Presents a multi-function, with the inevitable technological content of the wine bottle opener, of course, more and more appreciation value. I recently visited the wine market pressure wine opener and electric wine bottle opener to become the new darling of the market, and more than showing the way of a combination package, outsourcing, assembly include wood, leather, of course, the cortex packaging was more upscale. I guess, followed by the launching of science and technology, wine bottle opener will certainly be moving in a convenient, fast, stylish, beautiful, advanced technology content tend to carry out.

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